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City To Summit Canmore Real Estate

If you stop and think for a moment, you could probably think of several Realtors. Perhaps on a bus shelter, a park bench, in your mailbox or a minivan-driving by with their headshot stickered on each window. It’s one thing to picture a real estate agent in your mind’s eye, and it’s an entirely different thing to know whether a Realtor is a good Realtor. We dive into some of the critical fundamentals you should expect from an excellent real estate agent.

The Signs Of A Good Realtor:

Stays In Touch

Statistics tell us that 1/3 of homeowners cannot remember who their agent was. Quite simply, the agent didn’t stay in touch. A vast majority of real estate agents do not keep in touch with their clients. Why does staying in touch matter? It shows that the Realtor is focused on their business and their client’s happiness, that there are business systems in place, and chooses to foster a relationship – not simply a transaction. You should expect a digital newsletter, printed newsletter, and a call or email from time to time, checking in to see how things are.

Responsive & Timely

Homes can sell quickly. The real estate market moves very quickly. If you do not have a Realtor who responds promptly, you will be chasing the marketplace. We cannot tell you how often we have dealt with clients who told us stories of their previous real estate agents who would take a day or more to respond. We pride ourselves on responding quickly to clients and the public alike. It’s our job to be professional and prompt. For instance, when our website receives a message from the public we respond ASAP. You never know if that is the buyer for one of our listings (i.e. your home) or someone who has fallen in love with a home that they want to buy. Expect nothing less than a responsive Realtor.

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Okay, “professional real estate agent” should be written into each of these paragraphs. In a sense, it is as any good real estate agent worth their salt is a true pro. Everyone has an opinion of what a professional is. Just because a Realtor has their license does not mean that they are well informed, successful, communicative, educated, presentable and seek further training. Like any industry, there is a broad cross-section of people to choose from. You have standards in life, and your Realtor should meet and exceed those in each transaction. Not only that, but also be an excellent advisor for life.

Asks The Big Questions

Asking the big questions is a rarer skill. You may wonder what we mean by this. A great real estate agent asks you about your goals, your desired lifestyle, where you want to be financially in one year, five years, and retirement. Not only that but a good real estate agent wants to know what makes you tick what matters in your life. These questions lead to a lot of clarity not only for you but also for the Realtor. The more information shared with a professional real estate agent, the better the sales process will go. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients as well as we can to be their true guide through real estate—the clearer the focus and objectives, the better the experience. Asking the big questions ensures a happier experience for clients and leads to a far better home and neighbourhood for their money. Curiosity opens a lot of opportunities for clients.


Many newer Realtors have an attractive online appearance, in many cases through social media. This is great! But is it enough? An experienced agent embraces the most proven marketing approaches and also has the experience to back up their guidance and actions. Having been a licensed Realtor since 2007 and working in the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto we have seen it all. Literally. Challenges pop up all the time. It’s a matter of how these are handled and resolved. An experienced real estate has experienced more market challenges. And when an unseen challenge, there is a strong mental schema to best handle the specific issue. Also, an experienced agent has seen how many other Realtors do their job – one can learn a lot by critiquing other people’s actions.

Invests In Education

Learning never stops. Ever. The real estate industry has a basic minimum standard for annual educational courses – these are courses that repeat bi-annually with the same content. It isn’t a high enough standard for the true professional real estate agent. Ongoing investment in education and training is of paramount importance. We have taken negotiation courses from the finest educators in Canada, and we have gone to the United States to seek more. Whether that be through Inman and NAR conferences or Stanford University. We strongly believe that growing and excelling will best serve our clients in a competitive real estate market. And, we aren’t even close to being done. There is so much more to learn.

Excellent Communications Skills

The best business people have fantastic communication skills. Great leaders can communicate the objective and band people together to serve a greater purpose. Excellent communication skills in real estate are no different. We cannot tell you how often n agent with poor communications skills fumbles a deal. We see it from the other side regularly. Some of the greatest challenges we face come from poor communication. Working to communicate effectively is a great way to serve others, negotiate on our client’s behalf and create better marketing campaigns for our clients.

Marketing Savvy

Marketing savvy leads directly from effective communications. Understanding the demographics for the neighbourhoods, the home, and the lifestyle is essential to creating a great marketing campaign. It simply isn’t enough to post a listing on MLS and cross your fingers. Yet, many do just that. We have invested countless dollars and hours into our websites over the years. Having had one of Toronto’s top-ranked websites for more than a decade (not to mention this site) and counting has helped us learn what works and what doesn’t. All of this leads to a better experience for our sellers and buyers. Knowing and understanding what people want is essential when serving them. It’s not enough to have a website, social media handles, and a newsletter. A great real estate agent has excellent up-to-date content, education and insights for their clientele. Ryan grew up in an entrepreneurial family, and the family business was an advertising and marketing agency in Toronto. It’s in his blood, we think.

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