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Please, Keep Your Shoes On…

My name is Ryan Roberts, and I’m passionate about helping people make real estate decisions that serve them financially—in both the short and the long term. I know, I know. It sounds a little cliche, but it’s absolutely true. Whether you’re buying, selling, investing, or relocating, I would love to provide you with exceptional results and the experience you deserve.

“Ryan is a true real estate professional; thoughtful and considerate of our wishes and requests for endless information. His natural style and no bull attitude made the whole experience transparent, enjoyable and most importantly stress-free.”

- Scott & Mandy

Before moving to Canmore, I spent years working in Toronto, the city where I was born and raised. I helped countless clients navigate an ultra-competitive market while honing my marketing skills (fortunately, I had a head start—my family’s business was an ad agency). But the truth is, the mountains captured my heart long ago. 

After years of travelling to this corner of the world to climb, ski, and cycle, I finally took the plunge and moved to Canmore. I’ve always felt like the stork dropped me off in the wrong part of the country, but I found my way home! Along with my wife (who’s originally from the area), we have a baby girl, and we’re beyond excited to raise her in this wonderful, tight-knit community. 

I’m proud to say that Canmore is where I live and work. If you’re looking for local real estate assistance, it would be my pleasure to act as your guide and confidant. Let’s ensure that your next step is one that you feel great—not just good—about making.

My Extended Team

When you work with me, you don’t just get my expertise. From local service providers to client care and administrative support, I’m deeply grateful for the network I’m building in Canmore. Having a wealth of connections allows me to better serve your needs—whether you’re a buyer, seller, relocator, or investor.

I Believe in Giving Back

I support many local causes and strive to be environmentally and socially conscious in my business practices. 

From the David Suzuki Foundation (I’m an outdoorsman at heart) to nonprofits devoted to cancer research and helping youth reach their full potential, I’ve always supported causes that are meaningful to me.

Journeying From City to Summit

For years, I travelled from Toronto to Alberta’s mountains to go climbing and enjoy the majestic landscape. “city to summit,” my local friends would say teasingly. 

Now that I call Canmore home, the phrase has taken on a new meaning. It represents all that I’ve achieved in my personal and professional life—and the journey I’ve made from the city (Toronto) to my own personal summit (the mountain lifestyle of my dreams). 

This is where you come in. No matter what your summit looks like, I’m here to help you reach it. Whether you’re looking for the perfect living space, seeking the ideal vacation home, or taking advantage of the local market by selling or investing, I want to help. Now is the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the life you’ve long aspired to.


Let’s get to know each other—and find out whether I’m the right agent to serve your real estate needs.

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