September 30, 2022 | Canmore Lifestyle

Nordiq Canada - national ski team

I have always been inspired by the sheer athleticism, determination and overall capacity of the Nordiq Canada and Paralympic Ski Teams. These athletes are incredible. Their energy and focus on their sport have set them up for success on the local and international stages and for life after sport. Some of the most compelling and successful people I know were originally elite-level athletes. It’s no wonder their success in the athletic arena translated to the workforce – understanding the necessity for focused professionals, that there is no “off-season,” and that a team only makes you better when you pull in the right direction. All of this equates to something that we at City To Summit Real Estate are proud to put our brand behind. We stand with and support these remarkable Canadian athletes.

Happy, Healthy, And Wealthy

We have had a long-held commitment with our clients and those we are fortunate enough to meet. We aim to help our real estate clients be “Happy, Healthy. and Wealthy.” Everyone has their personal, unique definition of wealthy, but we believe the trustest way to wealth is to have your health. Having your health allows you to serve your friends, family and community. Cross-country skiing is the sport of choice for many people in Canmore; thus, what better way to give back to the sport that helps many get healthy, stay healthy and achieve goals many would think impossible.

Canmore Is the Home Of Nordiq Canada Ski Teams

Invest in where you live. Set deep roots. This is what we aim to do with our national cross-country ski teams. Skiing is at the heart of many Canmore residents, and we get that; it’s a big reason we live here, too!

My first introduction to Canmore was in 2001. It happened to be that I stayed with some national skiers. This stirred a desire to get into the sport and to consider Canmore a second home for many years – before making Canmore my family’s home.

Excited About A Growing Future

We are very excited for our nation’s athletes as they grow, learn, and compete as we head toward the next Winter Olympic Games. We are proud to stand alongside the other Official Partners of the Canadian National Ski Team by supporting the Paralympic and Olympic hopefuls! We have a great future ahead!

We hope to grow our roots in a healthy Canmore community as we seek to serve those who love our town!

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