What Makes Three Sisters Mountain Village So Great?

Three Sisters Mountian Village neighbourhood is a stunning, newer development. Three Sisters is continuing to grow. Just have a look at the eastern border of the area. Lots of new, modern properties are springing up. For many long-time Canmore residents, there has been an assumption that the south side of the Bow Valley is dark. Three Sisters neighbourhood completely shoots that consideration down. It is sunny and bright as it is situated to the north of a mountain gap.

Three Sisters remains in the early days of growth and expansion. There are plans to add a grocery store and many other amenities to create a secondary town within Canmore. Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy has opened to rave reviews, a great building with excellent teachers. Another aspect of Three Sisters that locals love is that the neighbourhood is more removed from downtown. It’s quiet and quaint with a modern spin.

Types of Homes

Three Sisters Mountain Village is a booming Canmore neighbourhood. It seems as though there is a new housing development popping up daily. Being that this is a more contemporary development, the homes and architecture are primarily modern mountain in style. There is a mix of housing for everyone, condos, townhouses, duplexes, and stately detached homes. And for those looking to generate some income, there are a handful of secondary suites in the detached houses.

You Should See

What should you see? We would suggest seeing the proof that the south side of Canmore can have a lot of sunshine. The amount of sun that these residents get is fantastic. Three Sisters gives a sense of being surrounded by mountains. It’s incredible. If you like golf, there are two options, Stewart Creek Golf Course and a disc golf course. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a lot of fun on a relaxing day.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Three Sisters is over yen years into its development as a neighbourhood which means there are several cafes and shops to visit without driving or biking into town. There are more on the ways as the neighbourhood will likely a lot of future development. As you can imagine, there are countless trails to choose from. Try hiking and scrambling up the Three Sisters mountain range if you want to test your mettle. Fun fact: Kicking Horse Coffee named one of their roasts after Three Sisters!

Getting Around

Three Sisters offers fantastic trails to ride your bike or walk downtown, and the view will help pass the time as it’s not a quick approach. But, this is partly what makes Canmore remarkable, the pace of life is slower, less city-hectic. As Three Sisters continues to be developed and grow, more shops are popping up all the time. Frankly, there is very little need to go downtown; Three Sisters has it all.

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