What Makes South Canmore So Great?

South Canmore is one of the town’s oldest and wealthiest neighbourhoods. Many of the old Canmore cabins have been knocked down to make way for incredible modern, architecturally beautiful houses for locals and weekenders. South Canmore is close to downtown yet also runs along the Bow River. It’s an excellent mix of town accessibility y to great river walks. Urbanites will love what downtown offers just steps from home.

As for family life, Lawrence Grassi Middle School is in the heart of South Canmore. Centennial Park and Millenial Park are great spots to connect with the family and play sports. If you happen to be walking down the Bow River, you may catch the odd time when a polar dipper jumps into the icy waters – it’s a great way to get the heart rate up!

Types of Homes

There are a small handful of original log cabins dotting South Canmore. That being said, they are a nod to the history of Canmore. Many of these homes have been knocked down to create some of the most luxurious Rocky Mountain homes. Some of these houses will open your mind to what luxury architecture can be. There is a mix of incredible detached houses, duplexes and townhomes.

You Should See

You must walk the streets with a coffee, ducking in and out of the Bow River and Policeman’s Creek trails. The views of the mountains to the south, alongside the glacial blue river, are incredible. Because downtown is so close, it’s a great neighbourhood to visit the shops and fine restaurants in Canmore. Admiring the high-end homes that line the Bow River is worth noting.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Choose any bench along the Bow River and take in the sights. This is an exceptional Canmore neighbourhood; resting to watch the day go by is a beautiful way to breathe in the scenery. We highly recommend grabbing a bite and coffee from Communitea, perhaps a beer at Grizzly Paw Bar, before you pop into some great shops along the main street. The Canmore Folk Festival is a great event each summer.

Getting Around

Getting around South Canmore can involve any mode of transportation you wish. Walking, biking, driving, buses, you may even catch a cross country skier from time to time in the winter months. Note that traffic getting from the highway and through downtown can make accessing South Canmore a little more challenging during peak tourist season. That being said, it’s worth it for these houses, views and accessibility to Canmore’s downtime lifestyle.

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