October 16, 2019 | Entrepreneur

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Ask any entrepreneur about their business, and it becomes evident that they take full ownership of their business. They know precisely what is happening and where they want to go. Great entrepreneurs have the pulse of their business. They may not be hands-on through every process, but they certainly know what is working and what it takes to get it working well.

Everyone, no matter what their career, would be well served to act as an entrepreneur within their team and organization. Whether you are in sales, self-employed or in an executive leadership role, this approach will go a long way. To be aware of what the business needs to grow. Reflect on decision-making processes, how would you do things differently? Asking critical questions will get you fully engaged, thinking like a business owner. It may be a mindset shift for you; however, it is a powerful shift that could lead to success and enjoyment that you may not have expected!

Here are some starter questions:

What is working well?

What needs improvement?

Where is the current strategy leading the business within the industry?

What challenges are on the horizon?

If I were in charge of the entire business, what would I do differently?

How can I offer to assist further? (note: it’s a delicate balance to provide help and not overstep existing boundaries in an organization – self-awareness is essential – I can help you with this)

How can this be made better?

What does our client need? Are we meeting their needs?

What is the user experience like?

The key here is to think critically. And dive into any and all aspects of the business, at least from a knowledge and comprehension point of view. Take ownership of anything you are involved in and also look at how your skillset can assist others in the business. Remember, your efforts directly impact others and the success of the team.

Taking full ownership is the key to taking your business and/or career to the highest levels. Look for opportunities to think like an entrepreneur in everything that you do.

Lastly, and this is the most important part: Act. Action is essential. Those who take action make a difference in business. Entrepreneurs take action. They know that sitting still does not create change. Without action, nothing exists.

Let’s talk about how we can get you to take full ownership and take your career to a whole other level of success. Start taking full ownership now!



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