October 13, 2020 | Executive

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Beware Of Corporate Speak!

As much as speaking with particular jargon that is unique to your business or industry can seem unifying at the moment, this form of communication can leave staff feeling confused, and it can leave you as the leader scratching your head as to why your team isn’t taking action you desire. Corporate speak may inadvertently replace clear and decisive wording that could better lead your team.

Shortcuts Don’t Work.

Corporate speak can be viewed as a shortcut to leaders and staff during meetings. Some may even believe that this jargon may be motivational and empowering for team members. The risk here is that corporate-speak is not explicitly clear, and the intentions may be lost on others. Be direct and precise. If the team needs some motivation, give it to them in plain terms. In fact, a more authentic empowering talk can get people far more motivated because the communications are clear and familiar.

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Careful What You Ask For!

As a leader, be sure you know what you are communing with others. You may get what you asked for, even if it isn’t what you wanted! In this case, the responsibility lies solely on your shoulders. Effective communication begins by reflecting on what you want to say, the reactions you expect and the outcomes you desire. If you want your team to take more initiative, be sure that they know where you want them to focus their additional efforts, in case they begin taking more of an initiative in aspects of the business that you don’t need them to work on.

How To Break Free

As mentioned above, reflect on what you specifically want to communicate, be clear and state the outcomes you desire. Ask an executive coach to poke and prod for corporate speak, jargon and general phrases that may have seeped into your daily communications. Once you are aware of how your communication lacks clarity, you can begin to communicate more effectively. It will make a world of difference in leading your team when they are clear on expectations and where the company is headed. Effective communication is what separates great leaders from others.

Working together can improve your self-awareness, daily habits, business and increase your bottom line while ultimately helping you communicate more effectively both internally and with clients.

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